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Double-Dee Disclaimer
Child Protection Website Notice


Double-Dee Line Dance Club



Please be aware that when you sign or allow your name to be entered in the class book, you are agreeing that you have read this statement.

Before starting any physical exercise you should seek medical advice if you are aware of any medical condition which precludes you from dancing, as it can be quite an energetic form of exercise.

Double-Dee will not accept any responsibility for injuries or illness incurred through the learning or performing of any dance.

The learning or performing of any dance is undertaken at your own risk. If you have any medical problems you dance at your own risk. If there are any steps that you have problems with, i.e. turns, please let us know and we will endeavour to find an alternative step.

Please be advised that you should wear appropriate footwear. Low heeled shoes or trainers are acceptable. Any sling-back shoes, shoes without backs and any shoes with high heels are worn at your own risk and Double-Dee will not accept liability for any accidents.

Without prejudice

Dennis Sansome
Double-Dee Line Dance Club


Double-Dee Line Dance Club

Dennis Sansome - 01933 396799

Child Protection Website Notice


All Line Dance Clubs which make provision for children and young people must ensure that the welfare of the child is paramount.


Double-Dee is a successful Line Dance Club and is proud of its reputation within the Line Dancing community. The Double-Dee Line Dance website shares information about events, classes, discos etc amongst its club members and also promotes the club to external clubs, dancers, promoters etc. From time to time at classes, discos, events or at any such function as organised by Double-Dee, photographs may be taken of the dancers, spectators, helpers for inclusion on the Double-Dee website.


Should you not wish photographs of your child to appear on the website please print out this page and complete the form below and hand to the class instructor.


Should you have any questions, please speak to either Dennis Sansome 01933 396799 or your class instructors.



I do not wish pictures of my child/children to be placed on the Double-Dee website:


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